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Eliquids UK has a new home!

Thanks for stopping by again! We have exciting news for you and know that it will be of interest to you too.

EliquidsUK.net has now been taken over by UK eliquids store SnakeVape after we agreed contracts with the guys behind the brand.

We will be working with the guys in order to cater for your needs initially and will then take our presence away once we feel that our loyal customers are being well looked after, however hearing their plans, about their knowledge of the vaping industry and meeting the guys face to face, we're sure our stay will be a short one.

Both myself and John Paul would like to thank you for your loyal custom and look forward to working with the guys to make them the leading name in e-liquids across the UK.

E-Liquids UK - UK Online Retailer and Supplier

Eliquids UK are the leading name in the UK for getting your hands on the biggest brands and premium eliquids available in the vaping market today and as we like to ensure that your vaping experience is one that you remember, we fight to ensure that our prices are the lowest online. Period.

Founded by two friends that both made the cross over to e-cigarettes that used e-liquids to create vapour, ELiquids UK was more than just a business, it was a way of life.

Based in Bradford, BD10, West Yorkshire, the brand started with a simple mission objective of making sure that vapers just like us have a clear and easy to use platform from which they can buy e-juices and e-liquids online without risk.

E-Cigarettes and Vapourisers - Supplied In the UK

We understand the struggle that you could be facing if you are looking to stop smoking traditional cigarettes and looking for the perfect vapouriser or ecigarette to begin your step away from the financial burden and health complications of smoking normal or as some call them, 'real' cigarettes.

Because of that, we wanted to provide you with a knowledgeable safe haven from which you can purchase your ecig or liquids from a business that are based within the UK, holding all of the products that we sell within our own storage and ready to be packed up to be shipped to you via Royal Mail services, the most trusted in the country right now.